Abgerundetes Rechteck:       European Hypoxia Symposia

The 3rd symposium was again organized at the Reiteralpe, a plateau mountain of the Northern Limestone Alps near Bad Reichenhall. Abstracts and other information are available here. The programme may be seen here.

In memoriam of the Slovenian priest and generalist Valentin Stanic, who first climbed Watzmann 207 years ago in the 2nd week of August 1800

Organizer: German Army Hospital Ulm; Director: Surgeon General Dr. Franke, Abt. II Dept. of Abdominal and Thoracic Surgery; Dept. Director Lieutenant Colonel Assoc. Prof. Dr. Schmidt

Supported by the Mountain Infantry Brigade 23 (Bad Reichenhall); Commander: Brigadier Pfeffer, the Medical Command IV (Bogen); Commander: Surgeon General  Dr. Schindelhauer and the Mountain Infantry and Military Winter Training Centre  (Mittenwald); Comander: Lieutenant Colonel Radermacher

Congress Presidents: Dr. M. Tannheimer (Ulm) und Prof. Dr. U. Boutellier (Zürich)

Scientific Committee: Prof. Dr. H.-V. Ulmer (Mainz), Prof. Dr. H.-Ch. Gunga (Berlin), Prof. Dr. A. Ušaj (Ljubljana) und Dr. H. Welsch (Königsbrück)

3rd Symposium 2007

The practice included a spectacular resue in a gorge near Lenzerkaser! The operation was manged by Mr. Klaassens,  Dr. G. Kremers (rescue physician) and the paramedic K. Hornung who was the „patient“

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